We would like to invite the entire Academic, Hacker, Dental, Business and Universities Communities to work together develop Hacks for Dentists and Dental Laboratories. Desktop, Mobile and Cloud apps.

Dentists today are using 3D Volumetric Image Centers and Laboratories. To communicate with dental image centers dental offices had been using computer protocols such as DDX Dental Data Exchange to improve Machine to mMachine communication and software platforms. We would like to develop some cloud solutions to make better internet data exchange.

Digital Dentistry is also starting to use every day more mobile devices. Mobile devices are becoming important part of the dentist workflow in platforms like iphone, android, windows mobile, linux mobile, blackberry, etc.

Come and meet with dentists, metal ceramic experts, programmers, developers, designers, technicians to develop the next generation dental applications for any platform.

What to Bring:

Your laptop and cables.

The hardware platform(s) you are developing for, such as tablets, smartphones, NFC chips, Google TV, Apple TV, Roku, etc.

Cameras, microphones and any other equipment you think you will need, if you are planning to create original video content on-site for your app (however, we will have video assets available, if you would prefer to use them).

Any software and apps you need in order to create your app or front-end design.

If you are already planning out your app in advance of the Hackathon, any additional assets you need in order to implement it (video, audio, images, vector art, wireframes, mockups, etc.)..

Anything else you need for a marathon of creativity and innovation!

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$6,000 in prizes

Best Dental App

Prize to be divided by team members.

2 Best Dental App

Prize to be divided by team members.

3 Best Dental App

Prize to be divided by team members.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Bring your ideas for using technology and/or business models to create sharing economy solutions to close the wealth gap.  Form teams to hack on ideas over the weekend. 


Anyone can bring an idea.


Dr Richard Pitz

Dr Richard Pitz
Dental Hackathon Director

Judging Criteria

  • Dental Innovation
    How new is this solution to the market